Capricorn weekly tarot december 2 2019

Other people will greatly influence your career growth since they will enable you to venture into other fields. As per the horoscope for Capricorn , your family life will be blissful this month with loads of love flowing from every side. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. This month matters of the heart are not a priority to you.

Love will take its course naturally in your marriage or current relationship. Based on the September Capricorn horoscope, there is a chance that singles may not enter into love relationships this month because their focus is somewhere else. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Pregnancy should be planned adequately and with a lot of care this month lest you end up getting a baby when you are not fully prepared.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

The Capricorn September for horoscope is foretelling that this month your family will be at peace. You and your family members will be out in the field helping those families that are in need of basic needs. Your family consists of charitable personalities which are highly appreciated by many. Or watch the Horoscope Overview video below.

Capricorn Horoscope

This year we go into a 3 Universal Year in numerology which is all about communication, creativity and self expression. No doubt there will be scandals in the news concerning inappropriate communications because anything that is done shoddily will be exposed this year.


This year we will also hear a lot about authors and new books being released with revolutionary ideas, new communication through technology, Uranus in Taurus will come into play here and more scandals will arise concerning social networks and political parties, particularly relating to user data. You can read more about the Universal Year 3 here. Mother Jupiter left Scorpio back on November 8, and moved into Sagittarius where she will reside until December 2, Jupiter the planet of good fortune, optimism and confidence is doing a lovely little dance which will expand our horizons both emotionally and physically.

Mother Jupiter is the planet of abundance, good luck, expansion and over indulgence. We will be hearing lots about all these things in which will be highlighted and amplified. The world and all her inhabitants need us to listen to them. Climate change, animals and the Earth will take more of centre stage this year. It starts in a small way with each and every one of us. In Sagittarius, Jupiter is likely to encourage adventurous activities. Going out and stepping up will be on the cards this year, whether that be in terms of long journeys overseas or short trips in your nearby neighbourhood.

It will be the freedom to grow, experience and gain wisdom from your various travels that quenches a thirst deep down in your very Soul.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Jupiter is a planet of optimism and confidence, so fire signs Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo watch out for plenty of opportunities coming your way. As freedom is so important this year, expect to hear a lot more about refugees fleeing their homelands due to climate change, crime, political unrest and poverty. Border control and immigration will be ongoing and worsening issues for many western countries as refugees seek freedom and safety. As well as physical benefits we will all get a spiritual boost that will give us a greater appreciation of the unseen things in life.

This is a good time to review your hopes, dreams, goals and plans. Jupiter goes direct again August 11 to May 14, so life picks up with expansion and opportunities opening up. Jupiter squares Neptune on January 13, and then again on June 16, and finally again on September 21, This influence may test some of us, especially if we lose faith due to a feeling of loss or disappointment.

Sometimes, this influence can indicate a sense of trusting someone too much or being ungrounded about the limitations of a romantic interest. There could be a sense of betrayal or disappointment. Best get your feet back on the ground, avoid addictions such as alcohol or overeating and pay more attention to the basic physical elements of life in the here and now. Delusion is a real issue when Jupiter squares Neptune and it can come in spades! Pay attention to those you trust who have a genuine interest in your welfare. Walking, particularly with a dog they have 4 feet on the ground , doing yoga, gardening, staying in touch with your body and the Earth will see you through.

Watch your diet and eat clean wholesome foods from the ground. Focus on the colours brown and green.

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Look after yourself on a practical level during this time of spiritual breakthrough. But do enjoy the mystic feelings that this influence imbues into your watery subconscious. Be simultaneously optimistic and realistic. Those people who are not realistic and who are overly trusting will end up being disappointed. We will hear of grassroots movements rising up in multiple countries when they realise they have been duped by the governments and authority figures they once trusted. There will be many scandals causing many political parties, leaders and authority figures to be ousted.

Last night I had a vision of Scott Morrison, current Prime Minister of Australia in a boxing ring with gloves, trying to fight his way out of a tough situation. Capricorn is a down to earth, practical and organised Earth sign.

Yearly Love Horoscope: 12222 Love Guide for Capricorn

When Jupiter enters this sign, you are likely to feel more goal oriented and wanting to achieve more. Accomplishment can in fact be your middle name! Like the sure footed goat, you climb mountains and get to your destination through sheer determination and persistence. Finances become easier to deal with as you get all your ducks in their respective rows. Good governance of your life is the name of the game during this time.


You are more likely to be methodical and look after your material wellbeing. You could meet someone like this and be interested in having some sort of relationship. You may also be feeling more enthusiastic about your physical health and you may decide to take up an exercise routine and get out and about more.

Saturn shifted into Capricorn end of December, and boy did I feel it! Serious Saturn resides here until March 21, Saturn makes things physical through responsibility and often hard work. No more airy fairy nonsense, the time has come to get serious and real. Serious Saturn wants to bring order to Uranian chaos. Whatever we accomplish under the guidance of Saturn this year, we actually get to keep. Saturn is a slow and steady builder who wants us to move forward at a gradual pace.

Serious Saturn will be in Capricorn for a couple of years when he will then move into Aquarius. If you are an Aquarius or have planets in this sign you will probably feel the heaviness of the Saturnian energies more so as draws closer. Saturn rules Capricorn and at the very beginning of astrology thousands of years ago, Saturn also ruled Aquarius way before Uranus was discovered.

There is still some of that old ancient Saturnian energy around for Aquarius. Try to remain stable and secure. Undertake study if you have the opportunity. There may be dealings with the law, expect an increase in law related matters. No shortcuts are allowed during this time, do everything thoroughly and do not gamble away your hard earned money or emotions until you are sure of success.

If you are a Libra, Cancer or Aries, you too will feel the heavy energy of this transit as these are also cardinal star signs. If you have any planets in the early degrees of these signs, you also pick up a Saturnian hit. Find the silver lining and make the best of it.

Astrology~ Horoscopes ~ by Tim Stephens

What good is Jupiter in the most elusive, hidden area of your chart? Well, it's actually phenomenal.

Jupiter here will open up the floodgates when it comes to your intuition as well as hidden, divine protection from others. This might be a hidden benefactor, but it is equally likely that your angels, guides, and other divine beings will be working overtime on your behalf to make sure that all is well. That is nothing to sneeze at! If things in your life get to a rock bottom situation during the next year, you will absolutely be rescued.

It's your year to cash in your karmic brownie points. Enjoy the spiritual benefits!