Taurus woman taurus man marriage compatibility

She'll take her mate's word at face value, follow through on what she says, and will seldom let them down.

Is Taurus Compatible with Taurus? - Zodiac Love Guide

The Taurus wife is a woman who can be her partner's protective friend, romantic lover, and devoted wife. A Taurus mom is percent involved in her kids' lives. She's a mother who can be counted on the show up for their school concerts, ball games, plays, and anything else in which her children are involved.

She'll set firm guidelines, rules, and routines - like bedtimes, naps, and mealtime - and she's not the most flexible mother in the world. However, her children will know where they stand with her, and what they can and can not do. Her consistency and steady, grounded no-nonsense character will give her children a sense of security, and her unconditional love provides a perfect foundation for them to grow up happy, nurtured, and confident. Like the Taurus father, she's affectionate and also protective, and must take care that her protectiveness doesn't become overly controlling.

So how does a pleasure-seeking but practical Taurus man or woman handle romance and sex? The answer is, with an artistic flair. When it comes to sex and romance, a Taurus mate is at their epicurean best. A Taurus individual is all about the traditional trappings of romance - scented candles, soft music, wining and dining - and that doesn't change after marriage.

These are people who are not only romantically inclined, they are also sentimental and won't forget important dates, like the day they first met you, slept with you for the first time, and the day they married you.

How Does Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Bond?

On these special days, they will be incredibly romantic and can be generous to a fault. Taurus mates want their partners to know that they love, adore, and are committed to them and are all about showing, telling, and giving when it comes to the one they love.

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Sexually, both male and female Taurus tend to be hedonistic. Both have great stamina and are into giving and receiving physical pleasure. These sensual individuals live to have their bodies pleasurably stimulated and in the bedroom, that's an obvious plus. They want the full spectrum when it comes to sex.

Taurus Weds Taurus

A Taurus is connected deeply to their senses; sex isn't just sex for them, its music and scented candles, and slow decadent extended foreplay. Likely the worst trait of a Taurus and the one that lends itself to all their other beastly behaviors is they are unbelievably stubborn and inflexible. When it comes trying to change their minds about something or change their behavior, the more a spouse pushes, the more resistant and angry they're apt to become.

This is when a Taurus mate is prone to go into a rage, distance themselves, and refuse to listen or interact with their spouse. His about 30yrs old now, and I think being the person Iam, im passionate, loving and caring and some what quite at times. I just believe he would be a waste of good time and my love, because he can not emotionally connect with me , without it being sexual on his part.

I know being tauurs that I deserve ever lasting love , that is true and genuine. I know that he can not give that to me. The love of my life was a Taurus, through 1. We were best, best friends, too. He was so supportive of me, so patient, I felt so secure with him. We went our separate ways for college and had one amazing night together seven years after parting, I thought for sure we were back together for good, but it was not to be different places, different stages of lifeā€¦.

I am currently going through a divorce after 15 yrs of marriage to a very insecure, very defensive, very emotionally stunted Cancer man and started dating a Taurus man a few months ago and it is amazing. I feel like I am back with the love of my life. I am reading many good things about Taurus man-Cancer woman and have high hopes for us! At my 30th high school reunion I ran into my high school boyfriend. After our first hug hello I felt like I had gone back 30 years yes, I was in love with him then and those feelings were still there. He spent most of evening 2 inches from me.

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The first week or so after the reunion we met for coffee, went out for dirnks, talked until 4 in the morning, it almost felt too intense. He said it felt right. Then it stopped. I asked several times to see him and he said he was busy. I have backed off but I fell in love with him again. I have never fallen so hard so fast. Did he freak out? Not knowing taurus men, should I push this or just move on?

The taurus man and cancer woman compliment each other wonderfully.

Their strengths make for a harmonious union and even their weaknesses can cancel each other out. A possessive man caring for the insecure woman! Love it. They such life out of you. High expectations, but when it comes to them, a complete blunder. Never finish off work properly. No sense of appreciation and always complaining. But he is always nagging, never understanding and never helps! Very arrogant and rude and expects me to function the way he wants it! They suck life out of you. I fell in love quick..?. When it was over we just stopped talking to each other and that was the end no breaking up or anything like that.

I love a partner I can have a good laugh with and this man was too serious to the point of being cold. Taurus men are good for a cancer woman who is reserved and not as outgoing as l am. Must be my libra rising plus my mom is a libra so l grew up knowing that you have to socially fluent to be happy in life make others happy.

Very lazy as well both male and females. Too introverted more than cancer and just want to go home and watch tv while I want to go dance some salsa once in a while. It will frustrate you and you gonna start whining and looking like a bad person. They are sexual but not in a fun and kinky way the cancerians would wish lol. Well that was my observation. Very lazy lay indeed..

Like Nancy said ,stick in the mud Taurus. If you are an energetic cancerian you will end up slowing down your pace with these slow men. It may seem as though the compatibility here should be a match made in heaven. Though the two of you have so much in common, you also have the capacity to be the absolute worst enemies either of you has ever encountered. Neither of you likes having to compromise, you both want to get your way, you are both stubborn and neither one of you wants to bend that steel will for the other.

Because you two are so much alike, you may really not seem compatible at all, once you try it out! Loyalty is a big deal for both of you, and you can both be remarkably jealous or possessive. Though neither of you is inclined to show it, and neither of you tends to put up with that sort of thing for very long. You may feel suffocated, or he may feel like it if this happens.

You both have such sweet, loving natures-and you inherently dislike explosive dramatic displays or arguments. However, if you do get into it, you may find that hurtful words said during the heat of anger may cause long-lasting resentment.

Your Match: Taurus Man And Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

For which, well, neither of you is keen on showing or apologizing for. You two both need to focus on what you bring to the table and understand the way that you both differ. Whereas you do it and boy he gets mad at how stubborn you are. Either an argument ensues or he just goes silent treatment on you. Not much fun. You two can actually have one of the most long-lived, loving and stable relationships of any other sign match.

You may watch couples around you fall to pieces whereas the two of you definitely stand the test of time. The way to do this, however, is going to be understanding that all those things you just find annoying or obnoxious in him are actually traits you have, as well. Of course, the same holds true of him.

Taurus Marriage Compatibility

Those things that just irk him about you are definitely things he does. Both of you are more than willing to work hard to make things work and both of you are extremely faithful. This, of course, lends itself to excellent compatibility. But if it gets boring for one or both of you, a big problem may happen. Neither of you may want to face it, let alone address it. Unfortunately, you have to. You need to do everything you can to keep the two of you from falling into a rut and if one of you does it, the other will suffer for it. Did he go silent all of a sudden?

Does he just not do what you want him to or seem to understand you? Well, there may be a reason for that. I go into these in greater detail and so much more in my book, but these tend to be the top deal breakers for a Taurus man. What you may see as tenacity on your part, what you may feel is just you showing him you care and not giving him room to doubt.

He may see as you being a nag. Or you being bossy. Same goes for phone calls and other ways of communicating.

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Real talk, the more you do it, the more he will distance himself. If you were feeling unsure about how to tell him how you feel, odds are, he was also having those same doubts.

You know better than anyone- someone tries to play you and you are ready to go to war! Whatever you do, do not do this to your Taurus man. You, especially, understand him well enough to play that head game very, very well. Oh, you know how that feels when someone talks down to you or acts like they know better.

And this is something that attacks both the Taurus sensibility and in this case, his male pride. The thing of it is: Earth signs are incredibly complicated as you well know, being one yourself. Yes, you are stable, loyal and very tolerant of others. Is it easy to understand him? I go more into all of this in my book, but Fixed signs do tend to have a bit of a hard time getting changes moving.